Over the years, Young Shakespeare Workshop  has  worked closely with Language Arts teachers to develop various in-class residency models for students studying a Shakespeare play.  In-class residencies are sometimes combined with after-school work but adhere to class schedules.   By way of the “captive audience” effect, in-school programs have convinced many an otherwise unlikely student to participate in an after-school production project and/or the summer program.  Hours vary depending on depth of workshop and number of classes participating, and student groups range from a single class of 9 to eight separate classes of up to 26 students each.  Alumni have often assisted with large in-class residencies to keep working groups small.  In all models the goal is to get students up on their feet to ‘own their words’.  Alumni and current students often perform for these classes, both to inspire and to model the work up-close.  This spring, Young Shakespeare Workshop is partnering again with teachers at Cleveland H.S to combine an understanding of forensic biology, Shakespearean text, and legal argumentation in a crime scene case study centered on the story of Othello.  Dissecting rats and blank verse!